Saturday, January 1, 2011

Back in Business... for now

I'm resurrecting the blog in the hopes that I'll double my number of blog entries in 2011 from 2010. Setting the bar low, as usual.
Since I hardly even take photos anymore, don't keep a journal, and rarely blog, I decided to try the 1 sentence journal for the boys. I'll basically write one sentence (x 2) at the end of each day. Weeks ago I picked up two 2011 cheapo calendars to do just this. When I cracked them open tonight, I discovered I bought one weekly calendar (perfect!) and one monthly calendar (oops!). January 1 and I've already failed. Typical.

With the late fall/early winter we've had, I'm not wishing for a happy AND healthy New Year. At this rate I'd settle for healthy!
(Photo- Will enjoyed his chocolate pudding)

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Kristin said...

Adorable and he looks so grown up!