Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Will's x-rays were clear last week, so I can't log the first broken bone milestone in the nonexistent baby book. He has begun to walk again but looks so pitiful. I'm just glad I don't have to carry him around everywhere. I picked up Matt a few times last week and whined, "why can't YOU have the injury?" The two pound weight difference is definitely noticeable when you have the heavier one attached to you for a week.

Lately Matt has become obsessed with an itty bitty mole on the fourth toe of his right foot. I pointed it out one night as I was trying to "redirect" his attention from flipping off the changing pad to staying still for a diaper. Worked like a charm. Now he'll point out the mole to me any chance he gets while saying "MOHHHH!"

They turn 2 in 10 days. The second year has flown by. That's a good thing considering the first year felt like an eternity

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Beware of Books

Matt and Will have been loving their Dr. Suess books lately. They're not so much into reading them, but Matt especially likes to find the mouse on every page of "Green Eggs and Ham." He gets so excited everytime he sees it and says, "Ooh! Mah! Mah! Mah!" which loosely translates to "Look Mom there's a MOUSE! A MOUSE! Did you hear me, there's a MOUSE!" Yesterday we learned that he can pick out mice in other non-Suess books too. It kept him entertained for about 3 minutes during a 2 hour doctor's visit.
Will's most recent experience with books has been much more physical. Thursday night just before bath time, Will slipped on a pesky paperback and fell a harrowing six inches to the wood floor below. Yes, I saw that his leg was somewhat twisted. Yes, I saw that he couldn't get up. Yes, I heard his crying. But did I think it was anything to worry about? No. We bathed him, gave him Tylenol and put him to bed. He slept like a baby that sleeps through the night, and I figured he'd forget about his fall by morning.
Friday morning I discover that he cannot stand, crawl or walk. Chris takes him to the doctor and he gets x-rays that show there is nothing abnormal. But the doctor does discover that he has severe infections in both ears. Great!
All weekend I lugged him around from room to room. By Sunday he was crawling but still would not stand or walk. Monday we had a well-child visit and his dr. felt he should have been putting weight on the leg by then. So we did another set of x-rays and are patiently awaiting the results. We have two trains of thought on the whole is-it-broken-or-not situation. 1. Our child may have been crawling around with a broken leg for almost a week. That definitely is baby-book material! 2. How lame is it that Will's first broken bone may be the result of slipping on a book? This would be a much better story had it been the result of a flying leap off the top of the refrigerator.
The moral of the story. Books are dangerous. Kids should just watch TV.

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