Thursday, November 29, 2007

Making an Appearance

I've been a terrible excuse for a blogging mom lately. Last month I took advantage of the time change and returned to my early morning workouts which put a major crimp in my late nights spent glued to my laptop. And now I have to live with the guilt of ruining the lives of all three of my regular readers. For that I am sorry.

Matt and Will are 19 months and changing every day. Some observations from the past month:

1. Will is trying to talk more and more each day and will mimic words that I ask him to repeat like "waffle" (wa wa), "snack" (nah), and "night night" (nigh nigh). He calls our nanny "reh rah" since he can't say Cara. It's adorable.

2. I gave up on teaching them sign language after failing to get them to sign "milk" after 6 months of trying. Suddenly, Matt began using the sign for "milk" when he wanted "more" of anything- food, drink, toys- you name it. Whatever works, I guess. This gesture along with "ehh" are his primary forms of communication for the time being.

3. Since I didn't know a sign for "I'm sorry," I started helping the boys say it by taking their hand and gently patting their brother's head. Now when I ask them to apologize, they automatically pat the other's head. This sounds really sweet, but I can assure you that gentle patting quickly escalates to gleeful hitting which requires the "I'm sorry routine" again. You can see where this is going.

4. Will has suddenly developed separation anxiety with everyone. He can be joyfully waiting for Chris to open the door when he returns from work but will run screaming from him if Chris then tries to pick him up. It's the craziest thing. Cara assures me that it subsides soon after my departure and I believe her. Today I came home from work and they were coloring at their table and barely gave me a second glance as if saying, "Oh, it's just you. Keep it down so we can concentrate on our art."

5. We get goodnight kisses from Matt and Will every night. Will gives the traditional pursed lip smack, but Matt comes at you head on with open mouth. You can't help but smile when you get a kiss like that. He's a very enthusiastic kisser.

6. Both Matt and Will have a funny attachment to outerwear. They sometimes grab their coats, thrust them at me and stick out their arm so I can help them into them. Sometimes they will walk around inside all morning while wearing coats and hats. If they unzip their jacket, they will insist that I zip it back up. If they tear off their hat, they'll whine until I put it securely on their head.

    All in all, each month that passes tends to be more fun than the last. Yes, it's crazy at times. Yes, we have our fair share of hitting, biting and crying. But we also have lots of belly laughs and kisses. There is nothing more precious than hearing the boys pad around the house or squeal in delight as they chase one another around the dining room table. They are great kids and each day I am reminded of how blessed Chris and I are to have them. And after a particularly trying day, I can rejoice in the fact that they sleep through the night.

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    Thursday, November 1, 2007

    Thank Goodness for Digital Cameras

    How did twin moms manage before the invention of digital cameras? I'm sure I took 100 photos today in less than 5 minutes. All I wanted was a photo of both boys under the tree- preferably one in which you can see their faces. This is what I got...
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