Sunday, January 27, 2008

Matt in all his glory

Over the last few months, the boys have experimented with clothing removal. Will started so innocently with socks, but last week he advanced to the diaper. This was no easy task seeing that he pulled it off without removing his onesie. True talent!
Matt's obsession (as we all know) started with his pants. As you can tell by the evidence below, he is now removing tops or at the very least his right sleeve. All this clothing removal takes time and effort. They spend at least 1-2 hours during each naptime on this ritual which also seems to include running laps inside the cribs and screeching like monkeys. A video monitor would sure come in handy right now.

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Not My Kid

Monday, January 21, 2008

What a Year!

Only 21 days into the New Year and it's already felt like an eternity! We have all recently recovered from a very nasty upper respiratory bug that landed all three of the guys on antibiotics. Will had a double ear infection, Matt a single, and who knows what Chris had- by that time I really didn't care. Being sick is not something that I am accustomed to and NO ONE tells you that you will catch EVERY bug your child does. THIS is the "dirty little secret" that no one divulges about parenthood. Consider yourselves warned.

Just as life was returning to normal and we were nearing the end of the 10 day antibiotic treatments, I hurt my back. This is nothing new for me, but it was the first time I had hurt it this badly as a mother. Matt and Will didn't seem to care that I couldn't stand up straight; by golly they still wanted out of their cribs every morning. The best thing about hurting my back? I was ordered to bed for two whole days. They were the greatest two days of my life!

Enjoy some recent photos of the boys!
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Monday, January 14, 2008

Newest Obsession

We've had a rough couple of weeks due to illness, but I wanted to share some photos of Matt's latest discovery. He's developed an aversion to wearing pants some days, so occasionally I find him struggling to be free of them. Some mornings all I do is pull pants back on, and other mornings I just give up and let him go around pantless. I guess his poor little legs just need to breathe sometimes.

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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Evening Entertainment

Off to a great start

It's going to be a great year. We got a full night's sleep. Last New Year's we were up all night comforting two babies with croup. We were up for days; it was pretty bad. This year we had a nice dinner with our neighbors, had the boys in bed by 8:30 and we were asleep by 10. Who needs to ring in the New Year when you can sleep through it!

Here's to a full year of fitful sleep and lots of love and laughter.

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