Monday, August 31, 2009

First Soccer Game

The boys started their regular season play last week and game one wasn't pretty. They wouldn't set foot on the field, but finally they agreed to go out when the coach promised to hold their hands the entire time. So there were my children, one at a time, taking the field hand in hand with their patient coach. He basically dragged them around the field for 4 minutes. After one period each, they got brave and agreed to go in together without holding the coach's hand. Matt got some major action when he made a block; luckily I captured it all on film.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

New Room

This week was finally the week to transition into big boy beds. Matt and Will have been sleeping on mats at night for the last few months, so we were fairly sure they could handle twin beds. It didn't take long to discover that 2 twin beds would not fit in their nursery, so we also had to flip-flop their room with the playroom (and the closets too!). Good thing I called in for reinforcements. Nana spent almost the whole week with us, and along with Gran and Papa we almost have the room the way we want it.
With just a few finishes touches (photos and window treatment) the boys' room will be complete.

Photos: Before- the playroom
During: Matt helps Daddy bring in the new beds and Will brings up the rear
After: Notice the red clothes rack? It started out in my brother's nursery 36 years ago. It's been painted every color under the sun.

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After: Almost complete

Friday, August 7, 2009

For Uncle Wade

Wade sent the boys their very own camels and backpacks from Kuwait. They've played with the camels so much that I hear the song in my sleep.
Thank you Uncle Wade! We love you. Stay safe!